Inclusi center

Assistant Regional Secretary of Economic Development and Welfare Division of Klaten District Administration, Purwanto Anggono Cipto, accompanied by the Head of Karanganom Sub-district, Slamet Samodra Karyadi and Pramono Murdoko from KARINAKAS hit the gong as the symbol of the opening of Inclusion Center in Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, Central Java (Photo: Ferry)


Sengaja aku datang ke kotamu

Lama nian tidak bertemu

ingin diriku mengulang kembali

berjalan-jalan bagai tahun lalu

Sepanjang jalan kenangan

kita selalu bergandeng tangan

Sepanjang jalan kenangan

kau peluk diriku mesra
Hujan yang rintik-rintik

diawal bulan itu

menambah nikmatnya malam syahdu

(I came to your town purposefully

Long time no see

I want to repeat it

Strolling like the last year

Throughout the memory

You always took my hands

Throughout the memory

You hugged me affectionately

Those drizzle

In the beginning of the month

Adding the pleasure to this calm evening)

Inclusi centre

Agus Inspirator, Suroyo and Anna, people with different ability from Klaten, contributed their golden voices to inspire the other people with different ability in the opening ceremony of Inclusion Center in Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, 21 April 2016 (Photo: Ferry)

Thus, the song entitled Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan (Throughout the Memory) which was popularized by Tetty Kadi, rechanted by Agus Inspirator, Suroyo and Anna who are people with different abilities who have golden voices from Klaten. This song enchanted and created emotion, and also the spirit of the hundreds of people with different abilities who attended the opening of Inclusion Center in Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, coincided with the memorial day of Kartini, on 21 April 2016.


Some participants of Musrenbang Tematik (Photo : Karel Tuhehay)


By: Karel Tuhehay

To capture the aspirations of People with Different Ability to be more involved in the development, Sukoharjo District held a Thematic Development and Planning Conference (Musrenbang Tematik) by theme: "Building the Mainstreaming of the People with Different Ability in the Development". This event was held on 21 March 2016 and was attended by the related SKPD, social organizations, NGOs, and representatives of Commission I of DPRD of Sukoharjo District.


The Head of Saptosari Sub-district of Gunungkidul, Jarot Hadiatmojo (left) accompanied by Risma Wira Bharata, the Head of FKDG  (center), was delivering instructions on the establishment of FKDG of Saptosari, 14 April 2016 (Photo: Ferry)

KARINAKAS along with the Management of FKDG (Forum Komunikasi Disabilitas Gunungkidul/Communication Forum of People with Disabilities in Gunungkidul), and Social Services of Gunungkidul District, continued the establishment of FKDG in the sub-district level. On Thursday-Friday, 14-15 April 2016, Saptosari sub-district got the turn of the establishment. Previously, FKDG in the district level has been established and inaugurated by the Regent of Gunungkidul, Hj. Badingah, S.Sos on 12 January 2015.


Follow-up explanation of the Establishment of FKDG of Saptosari by V. Sudrajat (standing up and holding mic) from KARINAKAS (Photo:Ferry)

According to Risma Wira Bharata, the Chairman of FKDG, the purpose of FKDG are to develop and to support the rights of the Persons with Disabilities in Gunungkidul to get the honor, protection, and fulfillment in real on all areas of life and livelihood.

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