KARINAKAS Initiated the Establishment of FKDG of Saptosari Sub-district


The Head of Saptosari Sub-district of Gunungkidul, Jarot Hadiatmojo (left) accompanied by Risma Wira Bharata, the Head of FKDG  (center), was delivering instructions on the establishment of FKDG of Saptosari, 14 April 2016 (Photo: Ferry)

KARINAKAS along with the Management of FKDG (Forum Komunikasi Disabilitas Gunungkidul/Communication Forum of People with Disabilities in Gunungkidul), and Social Services of Gunungkidul District, continued the establishment of FKDG in the sub-district level. On Thursday-Friday, 14-15 April 2016, Saptosari sub-district got the turn of the establishment. Previously, FKDG in the district level has been established and inaugurated by the Regent of Gunungkidul, Hj. Badingah, S.Sos on 12 January 2015.


Follow-up explanation of the Establishment of FKDG of Saptosari by V. Sudrajat (standing up and holding mic) from KARINAKAS (Photo:Ferry)

According to Risma Wira Bharata, the Chairman of FKDG, the purpose of FKDG are to develop and to support the rights of the Persons with Disabilities in Gunungkidul to get the honor, protection, and fulfillment in real on all areas of life and livelihood.

On the first stage, there has been 6 FKDGs in the sub-districts of Wonosari, Ponjong, Semanu, Nglipar, Karangmojo, and Semin. On the second stage until this April 2016, there have been FKDGs in the sub-districts of Playen , Patuk , Gedangsari, Paliyan, and Ngawen, following is Saptosari on 14 April. “Furthermore, the third stage, which will be established in the remaining 6 sub-districts, they are: Panggang , Purwosari, Rongkop, Tepus, Tanjungsari, and Girisubo, will be done before the end of this year," said V. Sudrajat, the Program Manager of Inclusion Program of KARINAKAS.

Establishment in Saptosari

In his briefing, the Head of Saptosari Sub-district, Jarot Hadiatmojo who was accompanied by the Division of Social Welfare of Saptosari, Suko Basuki, stated that the established management should accommodate all inputs and become the bridge in finding the solution of the problems faced by the persons with disabilities in Saptosari Sub-district. “The fellows with different abilities in Saptosari are many, but we do not have the data yet, or help them with the problems,” said Jarot.

He instructed, do not let the established organizations are just a formality, there should be routine activities in the provided secretariat. There are real activities so that the benefit of the forum establishment can really be felt. The district is open and supports all of the needs of the persons with different abilities.

In the establishment of FKDG Saptosari, the vision and mission of FKDG was also delivered by Risma Wira Bharata, the Chairperson of Central FKDG and explained the Management of Community Organization by Jaimun of YAKKUM Yogyakarta.  (Author: Ferry, translated by: Mita)

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