When Youth Talk About Village

Lokakarya Desa Suroteleng

Y. Bayu Kristiawan, KARINAKAS, delivered inputs in workshop of Revitalisasi Gotong Royong Untuk Suroteleng Membangun (Revitalisation of Community Work for Developing Suroteleng), in Village Hall of Suroteleng, Selo, Boyolali, 17-18 May 2016 (Foto: Ferry)


Ahmad Erani Yustika

Kini saatnya kaum muda (Now is the time for young people)
Penuhi panggilan tugas mulia (to fulfill a noble task)
Singsingkan lengan baju untuk Nusa (Roll up your sleeves for the Nation)
Berkarya bagi Tanah Air tercinta (Working for the beloved homeland)

Mengolah sawah, hutan, lautan (cultivating farms, woods, seas)
Merawat sumber daya kehidupan (fostering the living resources)
Satukan tekad gelorakan semangat (Unite the strong determination, surge the spirit)
Membangun bangsa makmur dan berdaulat (To develop the prosperous and independent nation)

Musyawarah jadi pandu warga (Society discussion becomes the society guide)
Adat istiadat lestarikan sukma budaya (Customs conserve cultural soul)
Gotong royong sandaran kerja (Mutual cooperation is the working support)
Keadilan tujuan bersama (Justice is the shared goal)

Bebaskanlah desa dari kemiskinan (Free the villages from poverty)
Wujudkan kemandirian sandang, pangan, papan (Realize the independence in clothing, food, housing)
Bergandeng tangan tulus ikhlas berjuang (Hand in hand to struggle)
Mengabdi pada desa membangun Indonesia (To dedicate to the villages in developing Indonesia)

The poem by Ahmad Erani Yustina, Directorate General of Development and Community Empowerment of the Village Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia, is fitted and becomes the encouragement for 38 youths in Suroteleng Village, Selo Subdistrict, Boyolali, Central Java on 17-18 May 2016 in a workshop entitled “Revitalisasi Gotong Royong untuk Suroteleng Membangun” (Revitalization of Mutual Cooperation for Developing Suroteleng).

The workshop held by the Administration of Suroteleng Village, Yayasan Darma Desa, KARINAKAS, Forum Desa Nusantara, and Serikat Paguyuban Petani Qoryah Thayyibah (SPPQT) is the follow-up of the implementation of Law No 6 of 2014 concerning Village Society Initiative Based Village.


Disaster Risk Reduction

Elementary School teachers in Selo and Musuk Boyolali were taking picture with the staffs of KARINAKAS and the facilitators of Abisatya Association after the Disaster Area Mapping in the office of BPBD of Boyolali, 2 April 2016 (Photo: Ferry)

Geographically, Indonesia is located between three earth’s plates, i.e. Eurasia, Pacific, and Indo-Australia. This meeting position makes Indonesia has a fertile land, natural wealth, and mineral underneath it. With the condition of the world which is getting older and the climate changes and weathers, the position makes the Indonesia’s archipelago becoming unstable, easy to shift, and disaster-prone.

Natural disaster is a phenomenon happened because the threatening and vulnerable components work together systematically, so that they cause the risk toward the community.

Compassion KARINAKAS

Caompassion KARINAKAS

Stefanus Suyatno Supriyadi, the beneficiary of KARINAKAS program (Photo: Hardono)


Antonius Hardono

 For Stefanus Suyatno Supriyadi, who is called as Pak Yatno, a member of Rogobelah Sub-village, Suroteleng Village, Selo Sub-district, Boyolali District, the name of KARINAKAS is so familiar for him. He had known Karinakas since the Merapi eruption in 2010. At that time, the family of Pak Yatno was evacuated to Maria the Immaculate Parish of Boyolali.

Karina KAS was known because its involvement in giving the logistic support in the refugee camp in the Parish. Then after the eruption, Karina also supported the living allowance and farming development so that the community can do their farming again. Pak Yatno was impressed with the Parish service which was supported by KAS.

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